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because they are ours”

On this site, we provide information about the dialects of the Basque language, as they are currently spoken. We also discuss the historical origins of those dialects and the geographical foci of dialectal developments. Besides concerning ourselves with the oral dialects of the Basque language, we also include some information about the literary or written dialects that have been developed at different points in history, as well as regarding the development of Standard Basque by the Basque Academy, starting in 1964. In addition, we suggest some ways in which Standard Basque may be adapted to serve the needs of speakers from different areas.

Here you will find video recordings of interviews with speakers from all over the Basque Country. The speakers talk about their jobs, their interests and their hobbies. Generally, each of them speaks in the dialect of her or his own town, but there is also some mixture between local dialect and standard language. These videos are good examples of localized standard usage.


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Oneka Alvarez / Xabier Eizagirre / Arantza Flores / Nahia Grande / Eva Hidalgo / Iñaki Iñarra / June Lauzirika / Teresa Portugal